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Tapas Menu

Patatas Bravas - Diced Potato in a rich spicy tomato sauce                    £5.50

Grilled Halloumi - served with a rocket salad                                                £5.50

Caliamares - Deep fried battered squid                                                              £5.50

Chorizo - Spanish chorizo served with fresh bread                                    £5.50

Gambas Pill Pill - Fresh Prawns with garlic & chilli                                   £8.00

Albondingas - Spanish meatballs with tomato sauce                              £5.00

Surtido Iberico - Cured meats served with olives & bread                    £7.50


Ribeye / Sirloin Steak

All 10 oz served with salad, onion rings, a grilled tomato, mushrooms & chips of your choice - £18.50

Fillet Steak

8oz fillet steak served with salad, onion rings, a grilled tomato, mushrooms & chips of your choice - £21.00

T Bone Steak

14oz steak served with salad, onion rings, a grilled tomato, mushrooms & chips of your choice - £24.00

Mixed Grill

5oz Gammon. 5oz steak, chicken breask, sausage & black pudding served with all the traditional garnish - £20.00

Wisewood Home Made Pie

Served with your choice of chips & peas - Ask the server what type of pie is on the menu - £10.00

Beef Goulash

Hearty stew served with your choice of chips and garlic bread - £10.50

Chilli Con Carne

Homemade chilli served with garlic bread and your choice of rice or chips - £9.50


Half or full rack of ribs served with your choice of chips, nion rings, salad and coleslaw - £8.50 / £12.00

Wisewood Homemade Curry

Served with tumeric rice & naan bread. Ask your server what curry is available - £10.50

Peppercorn / Gorgonzola sauce is available for our steaks for £2.50 extra

Fish / Salads / Pasta (all pasta served with garlic bread)

Wisewood Fish & Chips: Handbattered Goodness                               £10.00

Fishcakes: Haddock & mozzerella fishcackes with salad               £9.00

Greek Salad: Everything you'd expect in a greek salad                   £6.50
Chicken Caeser Salad: The Classic!                                                               £8.50

Smoken Salmon Salad: Tender salmon on a salad bed                     £8.50

Chicken Tagliatele: Served in a creamy white wine sauce              £9.50 

Spaghetti & meatballs: Served in a rich tomato sauce                       £9.50

Vegetarian Spaghetti (v): Veg, tomato & garlic sauce                      £8.50

Burgers / Wraps (All served with your choice of fries & Coleslaw)

Canadian Salmon: Grilled Salmon with rocket & dill mayo                          £10.00

Venison: Topped with Monterry Jack cheese                                                        £11.00

English: Loaded with bacon, chedder cheese & onion rings                         £9.50

Italian: Topped with parma ham, mozerella & basil                                         £9.50

Espana: Topped with chorizo, manchego cheese & onions                            £9.50

American: Topped with chilli con carne & Monterry Jack Cheese            £9.50

Chicken: Cajun chicken fillet topped with bacon & Chedder Cheee          £9.50

Veggie: Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi Cheese in a sweet chilli sauce


Veggie 2.0: Butternut Squash, goats cheese & beetroot                                  £9.50

Chicken & Chrizo Wrap:                                                                                                      £7.00 

BBQ Veg: Roast peppers, plum tomatoes & Chedder Cheese                        £7.00

Nurnburger Sausage: 1/2 Metre german style sausage served in open baguette on a bed of caramalised onions, gherkins with a spicy mustard ketchup.                                                                                                                                      £10.00

El Diablo Sausage: Spicier version of the Nurnburger                                     £10.00

Homemade Pizza (Our 12" pizzas are handmade in our kitchen with fresh dough and are topped with a rich tomato sause & mozzerella cheese)

Margherita: (V) Classic                                                                                                               £10.00

Napoletana: Anchovies, capers, black olives and basil                                           £10.00

Romana: Italian sausage, mushrooms and chilli                                                        £10.00

Inferno: Pepperoni, Salami & double chilli                                                                     £10.00

Quattro Stagioni: Ham, mushroom, artichoke & black olives                             £10.00

Agostini: Parma Ham & rocket topped with Parmesan                                          £10.00

Vegetarian: (V) Mushroom, onions & peppers                                                             £10.00

Create Your Own: Use any of the toppings above                                                       £11.50


Garlic Bread Slices (V)                           £3.50

Fresh Coleslaw (GF) (VG)                     £3.00

Onion Rings (V)                                         £3.00

Fries (GF) (V)                                               £3.00

Corn on the Cob (GF) (V)                      £2.50

Mixed Salad (GF) (VG)                           £3.25

Kids Menu: (All kids meals (except Pizza) are served with chips, peas/beans & a drink.)

Fish Goujons
Mini Burger

Chicken Strips                                   All £6.50


7" Pizza


Garlic Mushrooms (GF) (V)                   £5.00

Chilli Nachos                                                  £7.50

Olives & Feta Cheese (GF) (VG)            £4.50

Garlic Pizza Bread                                       £7.00

Chicken Wings  (GF) (5/10)         £5.00/7.50

Wings of Fire (5/10)                        £5.00/7.50

Sunday Roast:

Adult:              £10.50     |        Adult Small:             £8.50     |        Kids:             £6.50 

Our famed sunday roasts. A choice of 3 meats (ask us whats on) and a vegetarian option. All served with homemade yorkshire puddings & all the trimmings. Booking is highly recommended for our roasts.


Address: 539 Loxley Road


Phone: 0114 233 4310


Sunday to Thursday     |  12PM - 11PM  Friday & Saturday         |  12PM - 12AM

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